Visual MIG-350/500 ProR

Visual MIG350 /500 ProR is an iterative high-speed platform MIG welding machine. It adopts a 7# LCD for direct display  and simple operation. It realizes the breakthrough of multiple advanced MIG processes through the high-speed hardware  circuit computation of FPGA digital chip. It adopts a new-generation high-frequency main circuit platform of AOTAI to  precisely control the arc shape and greatly improve the welding effect. Visual MIG500 PRO is a welding product that can  represent new-generation technology.

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  • LCD HMI: 7# LCD touch screen, easy operation

  • High-frequency inverter: 60kHz inverting frequency, finely managing droplet energy in  real-time, concentrated arc energy, high arc stiffness

  • Stable arc: latest energy control solution, up to 45m pulse welding loop cable, stable  welding with low current, non-broken arc

  • Precise current: wider adaptive range of mixed gas, more precise consistency between  electrode extension length and current

  • Easy arc striking: freely switching arc striking mode, high arc striking success rate

  • Advanced process: high-speed FGPA processor platform, hardware circuit realizes logic  computation; It equips pulse, double pulses, low spatter, CV, and other welding process  modules, even customized developing process modules according to customer requirements. The secondary chopper technology helps to realize optimal welding current and  voltage control.

  • Aluminum alloy welding expert: stronger oxidation film breakthrough ability of aluminum  alloy welding, strong arc directivity, even metal transfer, fine and beautiful welds appearance

  • Sheet welding expert: ultra-low spatter technology, best short-circuit arc ignition energy  control, Min. thickness can reach 0.6mm

  • Stable wire feeding: Newly designed twin-closed-loop wire feeding control system cooperates with a large-torque permanent magnet motor to ensure precise and stable wire feeding

  • One-key operation: save and recall 100 sets of parameters

  • Remote software upgrade

Visual MIG350 ProRVisual MIG500 ProR
Rated input voltage/frequency (V/Hz)3 phase, AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA)1425
Rated input current (A)2638
Range of welding current (A)60~35060~500
Range of welding voltage (V)17~31.517~39
OCV (V)9086
Duty cycle (%)60100
Full-load efficiency (%)≥87
Wire diameter (mm)Ф0.8, Ф1.0, Ф1.2Ф1.0, Ф1.2, Ф1.6
Gas flow (L/min)15~20
Dimension (mm)660*320*560
Weight (kg /lb)55/121.3
Insulation classH
Protection classIP23



Standard Equipments
  • 1 Power source

  • 1 Connected primary cable L=3m

  • 1 Ground cable L=3m with clamp

  • 1 Wire feeder

  • 1 Wirefeeder cable L=5m

  • 1 Wire conduit

  • 1 Voltage feedback wire

  • 1 Analog control cable

  • 1 Wire spool holder