Robot System


  • Easy and flexible operating platform provides quick and easy switch of workpiece; the flexible platform and external axial are optional

  • Self-recovery at the temporary stop point: When abnormal gas flow, running out of wire and temporary stop occurs to the welding process, robot can automatically move to the stop point from any other position and continues welding after removing all failures after recalling the command of “continue last time welding”.

  • Torch cleaning and wire cutting functions (optional): Robot can automatically realize torch cleaning and wire cutting through program software so as to ensure good arc starting and precise welding seam locating.

  • Welding seam locating function(optional): Robot can automatically find the start position and final position of the welding seam when workpiece deformation or imprecise assembly occurring. It can also realize welding seam tracking and multi-layer multi-pass welding through cooperating with corresponding software.

  • Anti-collision function: The robotic welding torch can automatically travel back when colliding with any objects so as to protect welding torch and robot body.

  • Expert database: The system can automatically accomplish arranging welding passes and the adjusting corresponding welding parameters through setting the necessary welding conditions in the program.  

  • Teaching programming: It can realize programming through the teaching pendant equipped by robot in construction site.

  • Fault self-diagnoses: Welding machine and robot can judge all kinds of emergencies, and try to repair automatically. Relevant fault information is provided by displaying error code for the fault that cannot be repaired automatically. 

  • Welding torch oscillation: It ensures the beauty of welding pass during conducting fill and cosmetic welding through realizing flat oscillation and pendulum oscillation functions.