BY :2024-06-04
The Starting Ceremony of Safe Production Month Carried Out in Aotai

To comprehensively increase the responsibility awareness of safety production of all units, strengthen the emergency handling capacity, improve promoting efforts of safe production month activity, and assist the high-quality development through the high-level safety, the starting ceremony of the safe production month namely as the firefighting drill activity was grandly opened in the Suncun production base of Shandong Aotai. The personnel responsible for safety from the Emergency Security Department of Jinan Innovation Zone, the Firefighting Rescue Brigade of Jinan Innovation Zone, the Intelligent Equipment Industry Development Center, and Suncun Firefighting Rescue Station attended the activity.


At the event site, the attending leaders gave ribbons to the safety ambassadors who played a leading role and called on more people to participate in safety production work.


In the opening ceremony, all attended leaders sequentially gave speeches.


The campaign emphasizes the importance of production safety, firmly establishes the concept of safety development, deepens the construction of the safety management system, improves the rapid response mechanism, and fully implements the responsibility of full safety. To continue to vigorously create a safe production month atmosphere. Centering the “smooth life routes” and actively carrying out emergency plan drills, safety education, special training, obstacle clearance, and other activities. Continuously enhance public risk prevention, safety, emergency awareness, self-rescue, and mutual rescue capabilities. To prevent small steps, continue to promote the hidden danger investigation and rectification. Focus on key industries and fields and their key links, and do a comprehensive job of risk identification and hidden danger investigation. Conduct special rectification activities in depth, pay close attention to the smooth fire escapes, electricity and gas safety, and other important links, focusing on electrical welding, work at height, limited space operations, outsourcing construction operations, and other key areas, and effectively strengthen the site safety management.

After the starting ceremony, a comprehensive emergency rescue drill against emergencies was held. The drill took the aging of electrical appliances in the production workshop of the laboratory of the Welding Research Center as the background of the fire. After the occurrence of dangerous situations, it immediately started the emergency plan on site, organized personnel to complete the evacuation in an orderly manner, emergency communications, fire control, transfer and treatment of the injured, and other rescue tasks. The drilling process was well organized, with smooth articulation, a strong sense of site, all-round demonstration and test of the emergency response action and practical ability of the social units, effectively enhanced the risk prevention and controlled the awareness of the whole staff and self-insurance and mutual insurance and emergency response capability.



After the drill, more than 20 related enterprises observed the welding machine production workshop and welding robot workshop of Shandong Aotai Electric Co. In the process of observation, each enterprise safety official has expressed the need to observe the good practices and new experiences learned, combined with the actual use of enterprises, serious research, improve safety production level.


Aotai will take the safety month as an opportunity to continuously improve the safety awareness of production, continue to promote production safety and the implementation of safety requirements, and fully promote the process of socialization of safety.