BY :2024-06-12
A Visiting Group From France Arrived at Jinan Looked for Cooperation in New-Energy Area


Recently, a visiting group of mayors from France arrived at Shandong Aotai Electric Co., Ltd and looked for cooperation in the photovoltaic industry.

图片2.jpgAccompanied by company leaders, the French Mayor's visiting group enjoyed a rich factory tour, including a PV production line, robotic welding system assembly workshop, and others. Mrs. Luo Hailin, the vice president of Aotai, made presentations on the development history and results of Aotai inverter products for the French visiting group. Based on the requirements for the development of new energy, two French mayors showed a strong interest in solar inverters. After conducting a comprehensive investigation, the visiting group of the French Mayor thought that Aotai's products fully meet various local requirements. Meanwhile, compared with other competitors from the global solar inverter industry, the visiting group thought that Aotai enjoys more market competitiveness in products and performances. And Aotai can provide solutions with higher cost performances.


As for the reason why Aotai can welcome such distinguished guests, Mr. Ahmad, the President of Binti-Invest Group, played an important role. Mr. Ahmad gave his high recognition to Aotai solar products in an interview with reporters. He said that such energy-saving and creating Aotai solar products enjoy urgent demands in European and African markets.


Ms. Luo Hailin, the vice president of Shandong Aotai, expressed her expectation of global cooperation, and outstanding domestic products going global. In addition, she talked about the favor of two mayors on Chinese traditional poetry culture. Aotai specially arranged activities to let distinguished guests fully experience Chinese culture and the enthusiasm of local people. Gorgeous sight and long-standing culture left a profound impression on French guests.


Aotai has always been deeply cultivating and refining in the inverter field while also committed to letting the product go global. Especially, Aotai has got significant results in recent years. Aotai has set up branch companies in India, America, France, and other countries. From now on, Aotai will continue to try to let customers around the world use better products and enjoy worry-free services.