Professional Design

Professional Design

With professional design comes proven quality, that's at the core of our development of new products. Aotai strives for innovation by taking into account the customers needs and expectations. Our machines are designed to overperform and are built to be rugged and dependable. Our design process is one of creating a new product or service solution that delivers significant new customer value. This process begins with the selection of the customer and market, includes the identification and prioritization of opportunities, and ends with the creation of an innovative product that meets or exceeds our customers needs. 

Specially Designed For Harsh Industry Environment


Unique Multi-Voltage Technology

North America: 3 phase 198V-484V/60HZ

Europe: 3 phase 360V-440V/50HZ

Australia: 3 phase 352V-477V/50HZ

Africa: 3 Phase 380V-525V/ 50HZ

Asia: 3 phase 323V-437V/50HZ

South America & Middle East: 3 phase 220V-440V/60HZ