Hot Wire TIG ATIG-400P(HW)

Advanced hot wire DC TIG/PULSE TIG welding machine [hot wire power supply: AC/DC]

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  • High efficiency, 2 - 3 times the efficiency of DC TIG

  • Adjustable TIG parameters (pre-gas/post-gas, up-slope/down-slope, arc stating/stopping, peak/base current, duty cycle/ frequency)

  • 2-step, 4-step, repeat and spot welding operation modes

  • Water-cooled and gas-cooled TIG welding torch can be selected

  • Complete automation equipment interface: current and voltage output signal, successful arc starting signal, welding machine starting signal, current setting signal and gas test signal; digital communication interface can be selected [RS485, etc.]

  • The hot wire power supply can be switched between AC and DC; Parameters are adjustable (heating current / AC frequency)

  • All power supplies adopt full-bridge inverter soft switch control technology, double IGBT modules, quick recovery diode module; IGBT modules are adopted for the secondary inverter of hot wire power supply

  • PCB is processed by three-proofing lacquer; the drive board is processed with waterproof rubber

  • It enjoys IP23 class protection and H class insulation

  • Protection against overheat, over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, lack of coolant and welding torch switch short-circuiting; error code display


  • Gas-test / wire-test function

  • Wire feeding/ wire drawing function

  • Hot wire and cold wire can be applied

  • Constant speed wire feeding, pulse wire feeding, and pulse synchronized wire feeding [match the pulse rate of ATIG400P(HW) welding machine]

  • Digital wire feeder brings adjustable wire feeding parameters: wire feeding/stopping delay time, high speed wire feeding time/speed, low speed wire feeding time/speed, wire drawing time;

  • Closed type wire feeding mechanism, 4-roller drive + encoder feedback ensure stable and robust wire feeding; digital display wire feeder, the 15kg wire spool is applicable

Technical Specification

Rated input voltage3 phase 380V±10%/50Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA)18
Rated input current (A)28
Rated duty cycle (%)60
Adjustable current range (A)5~400A
OCV (V)73
Tungsten electrode diameter (mm)1~6
Weight (Kg/lb)55/121.28
Dimension (mm)660*330*580
Insulation classIP23


Hot Wire Power Source

Rated input voltage3 phase 380V±10%/50Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA)2.6
Rated input current (A)4
Rated duty cycle (%)35
Output current range (A)5~200A
OCV (V)16
Weight(Kg /lb)21/46.31
Dimension (mm)690*330*290
Insulation classH


Water Cooler

Power supply voltage1phase 380V/50Hz
Motor power (W)  260
Duty cycle (%)100
Max. pressure (MPa)0.3


Wire Feeder

Power supply voltageDC24V
Motor power(W)260
Wire diameter(mm)0.8~1.6
Wire feeding speed(m/min)0.3~7.0
Dimension (mm)650*280*390
Weight(Kg /lb)15/33.08

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