ATIG-P series is digital DC pulse TIG models with  MCU technology, suitable for both automation application and manual welding. DC pulse function minimize the heat input for thin materials and provide a faster freezing for uphill welding. 

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  • Multi-process: DC TIG/DC PULSE TIG/MMA

  • Hing frequency start [HF TIG]

  • Digital welding machine, TIG parameters (pre-gas/post-gas, up-slope/down-slope, arc starting/stopping, peak/base current, duty cycle/frequency) are adjustable; digital display

  • 2T/4T operation mode [repeat and spot welding can be selected]

  • Pulse frequency reaches up to 500Hz [optional, standard: 0.2-20Hz]

  • Water-cooled and gas-cooled TIG torches are applicable

  • Can be applied with automation equipment [optional interfaces for automation equipment: current and voltage output signal, successful arc starting signal, start signal of welding machine, current setting signal, gas-test signal] 

  • Continuously adjustable hot arc starting current of MMA provides easy arc starting and high arc starting successful rate

  • Continuously adjustable arc force in MMA mode realizes effects of unbroken arc, anti stick and stable arc

  • Suitable for BAS & RUT welding

  • Remote control function: wired control [analog and digital types can be selected]

  • Welding cable can reach as long as 100m (MMA)

  • Full-bridge inverter soft switch control technology, double inverter modules, quick recovery diode modules;

  • PCB is processed with three-proofing lacquer; the drive board is processed with rubber for protection

  • It enjoys IP21S class protection and H class insulation

  • Protection against overheat, over-current, over-voltage, lack of coolant and welding torch switch short-circuiting; error code display

  • Optional generator powering

Rated input voltage/frequency (Hz)3 phase, 380V±10%, 50 /60Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA)14.417.824.6
Rated input current (A)21.927.137.4
Duty cycle (40̊C)60%@315A60%@400A60%@500A
OCV (V)(MMA /TIG)687184
MMAOutput current (A)5-3155-4005-500
Arc force (A)10-200
Hot start (A)20-160
TIGOutput current (A)5-3155-4005-500
Pre-gas /post gas (s)0.1-9.99/0.1-60
Initial /final current (A)10-160/5-31510-160/5-40010-160/5-500
Up-slope /down-slope (s)0.1-10 /0.1-15
Peak current (A)5-3155-4005-500
Base current (A)5-3155-4005-500
Pulse frequency (Hz)20-100
Pulse duty cycle15%-85%
Trigger mode2 /4T 
Arc ignition methodHF
Protection classIP21S
Insulation classH
Dimension (mm)655*324*546655*324*546655*324*546
Weight (kg /lb)42 /9342 /9350 /108


  • 1 Power source
  • 1 Connected primary cable L=3m

  • 1 Welding cable L=3m

  • 1 Ground cable L=3m

  • 1 TIG torch